Monday, February 9, 2015

Pattern Camp

Last year, for my birthday
my hubby gave me the gift of "Pattern Camp"
- an e-course by Jessica Swift.
I have always wanted to design my own pattern, 
order it from Spoonflower
and then sew clothes for my kids.

Unfortunately last year, I didn't get far.
The camp was on a really busy weekend
and it was my hubby's birthday.
And, although I was given a whole Saturday morning to start the course,
I quickly lost momentum afterwards.

No matter though.
2015 is a new year, right?

I paid for an extension
and I finished the course 
and managed to create 2 patterns that I really like already.

Life is good :)

Ironically though, 
I would not use any of them to sew clothes for my kids. 
I have to rethink this Spoonflower and sewing idea!!

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