Monday, June 22, 2015

A summer to dye

I have always wanted to dye
fabric/paper/anything white.
For years.
I'm such a procastinator.
But my motto is:
It's never too late!

To celebrate the last day of school this year
my kids and I finally tie dyed some T-Shirts. 

I wish I had more photos,
but you will just have to trust me,
we did a good job :)
My daughter dyed 
a white, lacy, sleeveless top 
and a pair of bike shorts,
which were quite great buys from Target.

Then last week we dyed paper.
First using the food color + milk technique.
(We were supposed to use almond milk,
but I found it too pricey for our cow-milk drinking family.)

It is not my favorite technique.
The food coloring simply sank to the bottom of the tray.
Maybe next time I need to try the almond milk after all.
It just occurred to me ...
will my paper smell sour in a few days?
Hmmm ...

Anyway, the second technique we tried 
was the nail polish + water technique.
Love this one!

Unfortunately I only found one bottle of nail polish in my vanity.
It's time to dig in the garage and go on a nail polish hunt!

In the end I used this technique 
on a few pieces of paper 
that were colored with food coloring.

I highly recommend this technique!
It's easy and fun with highly satisfying results.

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