Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 2 was filled with flowers

Now and then I like to fill my stash of fabric flowers.
Yesterday I used my last one for a photo journal.
So today was the time to make more :)

Instructions for these are super easy.
1. Dig in your polyester or satin fabric stash. 
(Do NOT use cotton, it will burn)

2. Cut circles in various sizes. 
I like to cut them between 1/2 - 3 inches in diameter. 
The smaller they are, 
the harder they will be to handle when singing the edge.
I use a metal tweezer to hold the fabric.

3. Light a candle and 
hold a circle about 2-5 inches away from the flame. 
It takes some experimenting.
I find the distance changes often. 
Start from far away and slowly move it closer to the flame 
until the edges start curling.

4. I also love to incorporate tulle.
The metal tweezers get hot and create holes, 
because tulle melts faster. 
So I simply use my fingers 
to hold the tulle close to the flame. 
Be extra careful. 
Do not burn your fingers!
Also beware of sparkly tulle. 
It's possible to singe the edges ... 
but sparkles easily burn and set the rest aflame.

6. Sew several layers of circles together 
and decorate with lace and beads.

7. Oila!

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