Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy 2017

Oh gosh, it's only January 14th,
and it already feels like I've been through an emotional roller coaster
Over and over again.
Just yesterday, within 5 minutes my hubby and I
went from checking the school's webpage, 
checking our kids' 2nd quarter report cards, 
and celebrating that we have 2 A+ students
realizing that one kid didn't close the trunk of the car
and that the other kid shut the garage door right on top of it -
not allowing us to re-open the garage door,
because the two doors were rubbing against each other.
On top of that, when asked why the trunk wasn't shut,
the kids were defensive
and thought it was the other one's fault.


There went that euphoric feeling from 5 minutes ago.

So here I am,
in one of my few happy places.
But then I feel guilty again,
because ... what? I haven't been here for 9 months?

It's kind of sad,
that I don't have much time for my happy place.
Then again, my happy place is in creating,
documenting it has fallen to the bottom of the list.

But when ever I look back onto this blog,
like today,
I feel happy that I documented it.
I started 7 years ago,
and I love seeing what I have created
... and what my kids have created.

So like every new year,
I try my best to start again.
Especially this year,
I need my happy place :)

So this year,
My word of the year is 

I think I might have used it before.
But oh well, 
It's really appropriate this year!
Happy New Year to all of you!

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