About me

Hi, I am a freelance photographer. I love anything to do with photography: the technology, the various styles of photography, the digital process of editing photos, and the creative way of presenting photos. 

Truth is though, I love the creative process of most anything! In 2010, I finally listened to the whispers of my heart and started to learn everything I have ever wanted to learn and experiment with all the medias I have only dreamed about for years. I threw away my excuses and started to journal, paint, doodle, knit, crochet, sew, etc. 

There is no denying that I have gone through ups and downs of the creative process. One week I can produce 5 journal entries. Another month, I produce nothing. But even when it looks like I have done nothing, I often look back and find notes with ideas, or little sketches here and there, or art projects that have been started with kids. So one way or another there is always something creative going on in this house.

Welcome to my creative journey!